Start spreadin the news!

Thanks everyone for your support and especially your orders!!  We have been growing each week and the word is spreading quickly!  We have put together some awesome blends.  All of our coffee has one thing in common..FRESH.  Seriously Fresh!!

We are now roasting 3 times a week in order to deliver you the Freshest coffee you can get.  It does make a difference…from our “BOLD” stables we offer the original “Raging Mule”, “Secret Agent”, and “Jacques Cousteau”.  All Bold, Dark, and Smooth blends.

For a Blend with a little more sweetness..we have “Burro Beret” which is our French Vanilla and our Fall blend ‘The Great Pumpkin” which is an awesome blend of pumpkin spices, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon!!

We also have a house favorite and original medium roast “Rico Suave”.  The name says it all.  Smooth, medium bodied perfection which is also great for iced coffee!

And for our drinkers who want all the flavor but are on caffeine restrictions or reduction- Decaf “Burro Beret” and Decaf “Rico Suave”.  These two are also available in ‘Half Ass” as in half the caffeine!!!

Thanks again for your support ! and enjoy…….donkey suit1


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