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Dark Coffee

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We are the place to buy dark coffee!  We have perfected several different blends that are Bold, Strong, and Smooth!


We also sell flavored specialty coffee like our French Vanilla blend “Burro Beret” and our Fall Pumpkin blend “The Great Pumpkin”

If you need Decaf coffee,  we have a great variety of decaf blends with the same Bold flavor as our regular blends!

We are offering FREE shipping all month, so give us a try….FRESH is the only way to drink coffee!!!

Welcome to Black Ass Coffee Company



Coffee for Troops

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“G.I. Java Care Package”

Buy a bag, and we’ll send one to the troops – $14.95 Help us show support to our American Soldiers serving overseas… Our soldiers can’t always get the little things that we take for granted in the US…

Like Fresh Coffee!

We have a special roast called “GI Java” made especially for our troops that we are sending overseas so they can have fresh coffee while protecting our freedom.

We feel it’s pretty important to be ALERT on the job!

This month we will be sending Fresh Coffee to our troops in Afghanistan who are serving our Country and protecting our Freedom.

When you order a Care Package we will send you a bag of your favorite blend and we will send a bag of “GI Java” overseas to our heroes. BAC will roast, package, and covcheering soldierser all shipping costs so we can get the coffee to our soldiers.


This will make them happy……


  Go to to order online!

Coffee for Troops

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To show our support for the Troops who are fighting for our Freedom all the across the world….BlackAss Coffee Company is offering a way to send coffee directly to our HEROES!

Starting on Wednesday on our website and you can purchase a G.I.Java package. 

 You will receive one bag of coffee for yourself and we will mail a bag of our Special Soldier Blend to our troops!

Check out the new package this week and help us give back to our Soldiers!!Soldiers

Bold Coffee

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We have put together 3 BOLD, DARK, and SMOOTH blends which will satisfy the strongest of coffee drinkers….

“Raging Mule”
Our Original Dark Espresso Blend

This is a very bold but also smooth coffee that is not for the faint hearted! Very full bodied but roasted just dark enough to smooth out the whole blend. This is an African, Brasilian and an Asian coffee, dark roasted to give it just enough kick to satisfy any espresso or drip brew fan!


“Jacques Cousteau”
French Roast

Our classic “French Roast”.  The most popular among the dark roasts-strong and spicy, yet smooth.
Makes excellent Lattes!

“Secret Agent”
Our New Seriously Secret Dark, Bold Roast

The sweetest and most intense of the dark roasts.
This rich, full bodied roast has been a crowd favorite.
Makes excellent Cappuccinos!

Make this the week you discover what FRESH and BOLD taste like…….


Black Ass Coffee Company

Start spreadin the news!

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Thanks everyone for your support and especially your orders!!  We have been growing each week and the word is spreading quickly!  We have put together some awesome blends.  All of our coffee has one thing in common..FRESH.  Seriously Fresh!!

We are now roasting 3 times a week in order to deliver you the Freshest coffee you can get.  It does make a difference…from our “BOLD” stables we offer the original “Raging Mule”, “Secret Agent”, and “Jacques Cousteau”.  All Bold, Dark, and Smooth blends.

For a Blend with a little more sweetness..we have “Burro Beret” which is our French Vanilla and our Fall blend ‘The Great Pumpkin” which is an awesome blend of pumpkin spices, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon!!

We also have a house favorite and original medium roast “Rico Suave”.  The name says it all.  Smooth, medium bodied perfection which is also great for iced coffee!

And for our drinkers who want all the flavor but are on caffeine restrictions or reduction- Decaf “Burro Beret” and Decaf “Rico Suave”.  These two are also available in ‘Half Ass” as in half the caffeine!!!

Thanks again for your support ! and enjoy…….donkey suit1

“The Great Pumpkin”

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Has arrived.  After roasting and tasting, and tasting and roasting, and roas…….well you get it, we have outdone ourselves with our newest flavor…”The Great pumpkin“.  Pumpkin spices with warm cinnamon & vanilla. 

The flavor is perfection…the aroma is soothing..and the coffee is “BlackAss Coffee” Bold and Smooth!

This is not supermarket, sugar induced, stale coffee. 100% Arabica beans roasted to perfection and ground to order….but only for a limited time.  This is a Fall coffee so enjoy while you can….you won’t be dissapointed.67498_002